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Artistic brief

Fırat Neziroglu presents his weaving works, his traditional weaving drawing technique through a special and specific interpretation which he was developed with a modern approach. In his works, he reflects his aspects related to real life stories he has witnessed through his daily life. He does not only use colours, tones and forms but also various traditional Anatolian weaving techniques and local fibers. In addition to characteristic weaving drawing technique, artist produces felt sculptures benefiting from his textile technique information. In order to reach perfection in sculpture, apart from rigid and heavy feeling of marble, he shapes his sculptures like a second skin with wool material.


Fırat Neziroglu, was born in İzmir...


He hasn’t noticed at that point, but sea was weaved into him.


First he studied at schools… Danced… Weaved and weaved!...


Then he started working by unravelling himself, his aim was to recognize himself and the world by dancing, weaving and making some touches!


His cloth collections were exhibited in London, İstanbul, Munich, Paris, his art objects were exhibited in Incheon, Washington, Hawaii, New York, Kitakyushu, Shangai, Tenjin, Chonburi, New Delhi, Venice, Buenos Aires, Como, Roma, Maniago, Singapur, Marrakech, Dubai, Oslo, Mexico City, Paris, Abu Dhabi.


He was invited to Oslo under the auspices of Norway Royal Embassy and to Thailand for birthday celebrations of the Queen of Thailand in order to weave a special cloth to her.

In 2019, he was elected as Thailand's brand ambassador by the Thai Kingdom.


And he always continues to weave in his workshop; for national and international contests, for fashion designers, for noticing his own split!


Nowadays he is exhibiting weaving performances accompanied by music on stage which is projected for the very first time in Turkey.


From the day he met with yoga he thinks upon human, feeling, body and mind, he makes practices and shares the moment with his friends…


He realises his dreams on stage with ModernDansLAB; ensemble of classical ballet-modern dance…


… And still; unravelled, academician, thinker, dancer, and a weaver, while weaving all of these to each other...



Fırat Neziroglu produces his works with a technique which no one on earth applies at the category of 'modern art.' Thus, wherever he goes he is met with significant interest and respect. In this context, there are so many awards he received both in national and international scale.


In 'Middle East Contemporary Art' auction of Sotheby’s, the biggest auction house of the world which was held in London and in 2011 for the first time, his seven artwork was sold during 5 years. But, unfortunately the information about the buyers and artworks is kept confidential.


Starting from 2012, in Christie’s; one of the most prestigious auction houses of the world his artworks were sold and his artwork was given place on the cover page of the catalogue.


In 2015, within the scope of Apart Festival which was held in France, one of his artworks was exhibited.


In 2015 in Oslo, under the auspices of Norway Royal Embassy he exhibited his works which is an association of video and weaving.


In 2015, Contemporary Istanbul was announced to press with artwork of Fırat Neziroglu. In 2016, he took an invitation to Thailand in order to weave a special cloth to the Queen of Thailand for the birthday celebration of Her Majesty’s.


He is also a member of school of Martha Graham who is world famous and one of the founders of world modern dance, he became one of the dancers who was selected in Turkey by International Martha Graham Company and participated in the performance of the ensemble in Turkey.


Fırat Neziroglu who directed to modern dance after his ballet training and participated in the performances mostly as choreograph established a modern dance ensemble which trains amateurs whose professions are not dancer but have desire to dance and which is unexampled in Turkey. This ensemble named as Modern Dance Lab transformed the life of legendary Turkish singer Müzeyyen Senar into a modern dance performance and performed it in İzmir since 2011 for thousands of people including Müzeyyen Senar (who is now deceased) and her family. In 2015 this artwork which was totally renewed was performed two more times with its staff of 28 people in İzmir in association with İzmir City Council.


He selected Giselle which is a classical ballet artwork and which was inspired from Victor Hugo for his other project developed for Modern Dance Lab. In this artwork which was approached with modern dance school, the artwork was interpreted from an aspect which has not been touched before. It made its premiere under the name of "Myrtha, A Giselle Story" in December 2015 with the contributions of Ege University.