All momentary forms in the mind are a transformation of all incomprehensible mobility.This pattern is the projection of many patterns in the mind in color and in motion.It appears as a form of dozens of movements that we cannot keep in mind. The combination of the portrait of the zebra and the woman, some accessories, pieces of cloths, a beloved dog, a plate filled with red pomegranates about to pour…In this work, I tried to feel the color integrity and the feeling of vitality created by all this confusion.


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  • It is produced by digital printing on Penak chiffon fabric. It is a portable design, made to fit in the palm without creasing, and can be used easily in travel. Although it is chiffon fabric, it does not show it' s interior because of the design, colors and the patterns. It provides a feeling of joy and durability with the story it hosts.

    It weights 75 gr. It can be washed at 30˚ and no deformation will occur in the patterns. Piercing materials may damage the product.

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