Linen hand weaving, which was very common in the villages of the Black Sea centuries ago, comes to life with the Lush Lucky brand. These products, which are completely handmade, have been transferred from generation to generation with the master-apprentice relationship. These are the products in which the weaver in each loop conceals its secrets and spirit. 


On the wedding day, the groom takes the bride accompanied by the groom's friends. The bride comes with a specially made "bridal chair". He sits in his chair by kissing hand. When the bride leaves, their parents place some money in her sock so that she does not forget the way back home. As the bride leaves, her neighbors ask the groom for "landing fee". When the groom arrives to his house, he throws sugar, nuts or coins to the crowd. This tradition is among the Turkish wedding traditions in many cities. It is believed to bring abundance to the home. When the groom takes the bride home, the bride and the groom are given sherbet. Meanwhile, the groom's friends punch the garden gate and call the groom. The drinks coffee with his


Bride Runner

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  • 80% Linen, 20% Cotton
    Size: 1.85 cm x 35 cm
    Needle Lace

    80% Keten, 20% Pamuk
    Ölçü: 1.85 cm x 35 cm
    İğne Oyası

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