Due to its location, Istanbul airport caused a new climate to be experienced in its surrounding villages. For that matter, villagers could no longer engage in productive agriculture and animal husbandry.

Fırat Neziroglu invited women living in those villages to his workshop to give weaving classes through the project we made with IGA. Also, their needs as transportation and food were provided by IGA.

During this project that lasted for five months, these women completed their weaving classes. In the continuation of the project, looms were placed in areas of villages' that are suitable for women's weaving.

The threads of the fabrics that women will weave on the looms were 100% recycled. The uniforms of 6000 personnel working at IGA, which change every year, were collected and sent to the recycling facility in Usak to be recycled as threads.

Fırat Neziroglu's fabric designs began to be sold after weaving them with these recycled threads. 

Women in the villages named Durusu and Akpınar were employed thus they can keep food on the table by weaving fabric.