2022 / Summer

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Wipe Cloth
Rural Women's Cooperative

*Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology


*Istanbul Development Agency

*Sile Municipality

*Firat Neziroglu

As the brand ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, I brought together Anatolian and Thai culture.

Our grandmothers knew and knew nature and acted with it.

The salt content of Sile's sea and the fineness of the sand on the Sile coast guided our elders, and they filled the cauldrons with sea water and boiled it in order to weave thin fabrics. They had prepared a soup by pouring a pot of flour into the boiling sea water. They threw the threads into this soup and dusted it with flour, and they stretched the threads that were strengthened with flour on the looms and weaved their thin fabrics. These woven fabrics were also washed in the sea on the shore of Sile and dried on the fine sands of Sile. Fine sand penetrated into Sile cloths, but the fabrics that passed through these roads, blended with flour, met the sea and washed, became Sile Cloth.

You know how attached I am to culture, tradition and Anatolia. I feel that we are connected to each other as well. I am being so happy.

This project was realized thanks to the esteemed Mayor of Sile, Ilhan Ocaklı. His vision, his beautiful heart gives me the strength to produce.

We set up 100 looms in Sile, I give weaving training to 200 Sile women.

Our women from Bottle are weaving and sewing.

We support women's employment in Sile.  

We weave the most beautiful fabrics just like our grandmothers.  

I also design with respect to Anatolia.