Y E N 

Timeless FW Men's Wear

New York Fashion Week


These fabrics has been woven knot by knot in these lands. 


Grandmothers, grandfathers of everyone had wove. They turned the masts to loom, then wove.  There is a trace of Anatolia on all of the shapes I wove today. Full of that much colorful, that much generous, that much grasp of flower, soil, nature, that much benevolent; it was...


Unsettled, besides. They were migrating like the birds of passage. They were moving to where the spring was… The nature was, its wealth… I am waving today’s shapes of those days’ tales…


Each of the shapes to be tale, once again… Like the running through the buildings, concretes of the reluctant nature; the humans’ shapes which life will find place…


Collection fabrics are produced in Textile Recycle Center in Usak, Turkey. 

With a sustainability perspective, recycled textile, which are produced from recycled yarns used for the collection. The yarns were created from the collected waste textiles too.  


All of the remaining fabrics of the collection will be collected and transformed to the paper. All packaging materials such as wrapping papers and boxes will be produced by Recycled Center in Kagithane, Istanbul. 

Y E N 


Harran / Urfa

Harran region is the city of the saints. In Harran, men wear a cassock similar to this design.

Smyrna / Izmir

In the Aegean region, men wear short jackets when going to war.  The sleeves of these jackets have another sleeve.This second part hides the man's arm. in this design a zipper is attached to the arm instead of the second part. Thus, a new functional solution suitable for daily use has been produced.

Antandros / Edremit

The bag of this garment is triangular. Shaman can use symbols of invisible forms. The female deer  is sacred to the shaman. The triangular space between the deer antlers is an amulet and is sacred.

Anatolian Endemic Plants

For the men entering the war in the Aegean region, their wives prepare a needle lace in the form of flowers. They adorn their men with this needle lace. Snapdragon flower, one of the Anatolian endemic plants, was used in this design.

Anatolian Hand-weaving Kilim Technique

Scarf is hand-woven. Re-woven using recycled fabrics

Buttoning / Central Anatolia

Some men in Çankırı don't wear buttons in their jackets. Instead they combine their jackets with a yarn. The name of these yarns is uckur in Anatolia

Traditional Anatolian Culture / Recycled

All fabrics used in the collection are woven using recycled cotton and wool fibers.

Hand Weaving

The jacket was woven with the special weaving technique of Firat Neziroglu.

Anatolian Clothing Cut / Bird

In Anatolia, additional triangular pieces are placed between the two parts while the body and arm parts are combined. the name of this piece is called the 'bird'. This piece sees bellow duty and ventilates the armpit. This triangle piece was used in the entire collection.

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