Fırat Neziroglu, Unique Weaving Technique

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Next I come to the work of Firat Neziroglu, Turkish dancer and artist extraordinaire. What is most commendable about his work, alongside his very visible talent as a weaver, is his challenge of gender stereotypes. His work depicts a multitude of scenes, all rooted in a sense of joie de vivre, but are all communicated via the medium of a tapestry weaving which is traditionally, in the Middle East, a very feminine role. Neziroglu, being a trained dancer as well as a talented weaver, send a message out to the West about Turkey's increasingly liberal mindset amidst its very conservative neighbors.  

  Paniz Gederi - ArtLyst / Art Monaco / 2013




"Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer", handweaving, fishline, silk, wool, cotton, 120x120cm, 2012

completed in 480 hours

Weaving painting traditionally on a vertical loom  makes.  Weaving; vertical to the loom,  each other  It consists of two string systems: parallel threads (called warp) and threads passed horizontally between the warps (called weft). these two thread systems join at right angles to each other; The warp threads are stretched on a loom and the weft thread is passed between the warps with up and down movements along some or all of the warps. Unlike the fabric weaving system, where both warp and weft threads can be seen, all warp threads are hidden in woven images and a weft-faced weave is created. In weaving, weft threads are typically short; the weaver weaves each colored weft by moving it in its own small pattern area. It is a plain weft-faced weave with different colored weft threads woven over the warp portions to form the pattern.

Fırat Neziroğlu's patented personal weaving technique allows to leave gaps on the weaving surface. Thanks to the knot combinations he discovered, he presented the newest look of contemporary weaving to weaving with the fishing line material he used for the first time, as well as the most real painting technique applications ever woven in the field of weaving.  

Fırat Neziroğlu weaving technique is explained in many universities of the world. Again, in many countries of the world, workshops called weaving are held like Fırat Neziroğlu. A master's thesis about Fırat Neziroğlu in 2020  software, his life and technique are explained. Thus, his technique entered the academic literature.  

Abu Dhabi Art Fair
Textile Art Organization
Invited Activities
lousanne biennial  Beijing
mexico arte contempo
Art Dubai

"I'have left My Mind"

handweaving,  fishline, wool,  cotton, silk ,  120x20cm, 2012

''Firat Neziroglu depicts a very profane view of a peeing boy in life-size portrait. Althought hand-woven rug seems modest it becomes quiet challenging within a sterile gallery spaces. While critical in white cube which symbolizes the elitist art, removes the binaries if life/art and in/out.''

Simone Vidmar, Derya Yucel / June 2009

*Futuristik Şehzade* 

100 x 35 x 15 cm, 2021

Dokuma bilgisayarın dedesi. Önce 1 ve 0 mantığı ile Jakar dokuma makinesi bulundu, ardından hesap makinesi ve sonunda bilgisayar. 

Fırat Neziroğlu kendi ismine patentli dokuma tekniği ile günümüzden bir ergen portresi dokudu. 2012 yılında dokuduğu diğer ergen portresi ile karşılaştırıldığında iki kuşak arasındaki fark yine gözlerinden anlaşılıyor. 

Octopus ile geliştirilen yazılım ve özel boyutta tasarlanan ekran ile GÜNCELLENEBİLİR SANAT'ın ilk örneği izleyici ile buluşuyor. Dede ve torunun bir araya geldiği, dokuma ve dijital piksellerinin iki katman halinde birbirini tamamlıyor. 

Çağ Çalışkur & Serdar Borcan
Arkaplan Videoda ise Çağ ve Serdar bir ergenin gözünden İstanbul'u ve ergenin kendisini anlatıyor. Heyecanları, dertleri, mutluluklarını paylaşıyor bizle. Finalde ise bir uçakla seyahat ediyor. 

Bilişim Vadisi
Uçakla seyahatine tanık olduğumuz Futuristik Şehzademiz bilişim vadisi işbirliği ile Anna Laudel Galeri'den The Main Gallery Avustralya'ya uçtu ve sergilenmeye devam ediyor. 


Güncellenebilir sanat eseri aynı zamanda Sadullah Uzun sayesinde NFT formatına çevrildi. 

"Tooth Fairy"

feltwork, video installation,  fishline, wool,  120x20cm, 2012

Fırat Neziroglu's work is a negotiation with the tradition of painting.  Although the subject matter of his work is pretty mundane - he captures everyday moments that often go unnoticed- his singular approach coupled with his choice of materials, make his paintings strikingly original.  A combination of stitching and weaving, his work both reinvigorates the traditional technique of weaving and extends the possibilities of painting.

Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul / 2013


''Firat Neziroglu duplicatesand  ceremonializes  the causality of a current form, using a weaving technique''

Mürteza Fidan, T. Melig Görgün / April 2009


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" Beautiful Ezgi ", handweaving,  fishline, silk, wool, cotton, 100x120cm, 2019

completed in 470 hours

"Olga, Reneissance Girl ", handweaving,  fishline, silk, wool, cotton, 120x120cm, 2013

completed in 580  hours


Take a selfie with one finger touch took one second...Waving this selfie with kindly hand movements took 600 hours. Well, what is the difference between that one second image and the imagery, which was completed by 600 hours kindly hand movements when you touched a selfie?

All ancient times myths, which were agreed with one idea say that “When nothing was created, at first there was an emptiness”. The universe was waived step by step 13 billion years... Like existing a baby in mother's uterus. The weaving is a rhythm, creating universe is a rhythm, transforming of a cell, which was blessed with the life to a baby includes rhythm as well as music. Creation of the dynamics are the same from the universe, baby, plant growth to the weaving art. So, existence occurs from little loops, which are weaved by rhythms. Atom occurs electron, proton and neutrons in emptiness; breath fills lungs' emptiness; wind flows inside the emptiness; human body owes its movement to body's emptiness...

Creation occurs from emptiness. Secret of the creation is on the emptiness and, light and shades at this emptiness.


Firat Neziroglu weaves single moment feezed selfie images with 600 hours touches, creation's rhythm and provides selfie weavings, which have souls and which are alive. The communities were aware of the hands were giving creativity to human being, different than the animals, that's why the hands were considering as a gift from God. So, hands are the symbols of the creation of the God. Hands provide endless physical creations from the clay pots to wickers, from huge buildings to temples, from religious pictures to hunting equipment and to the magical objects; they are holly organs, which make our dreams real in this life. At modern era we do not use our hands enough, we do everything with two finger movements. We have been forgetting our divine creativity. Firat Neziroglu reminds divine creativity of hands, makes bridge between ancient times and future, and shows to us what we lost and what we win.

He is providing a real proof for creating a living thing, rhythms of the existence. when you see his art and touch his weaved yarns, you do not see not only the basic weaving, you see experiences and feel a deep soul; pains, quests, loves, missing, surrenders or ambitions... So, you can feel something from life. Well, how does he achieve that?

He has not been weaving just the yarn, he has been weaving being exist, being disappear and being die. So, all of the information can be seen on selfie weavings. He uses principles of the creation on his patterns. He creates shades and presents a mythical universe, a mythical figure to us on each selfie. He is promising an art, you will be lost when you are its inside.... In this way, the soul can be visible with stance of the lips, glance of eyes. Like characters, imageries wake up and invite us their own world as alive portrait. Inviting an inner journey with their knots, which were created them, kindly weaved yarns, fringes, which are overflowed into this universe from the picture.

When you look into and touch pattern of the weaving, feel like you hear yarns' little breath takings. When you lend an ear, you feel rhythm of the weaving, which is in rhythm of the breath. You understand that it was created with one sound like the universe was created with one sound. You feel that that soul connects to yarns with little knots; weaved soul travels dark and light sides of the weaving... You understand that life is not stable and immutable, it is occurred by harmony of the contrasts such as death and life, happiness and sadness, downgrades and upgrades, separations and reunions, gaps and fullness, these are something, which were made a blessed to the existence.

Firat Neziroglu pulls out on you and his own music with selfie weavings from being robot in the noise of the era, being monotonous, freezing. He invites you with his entire experience to be a human and rediscover. He reminds us who we are. So, Firat Neziroglu is a weaving artist who weaves not only yarn, who weaves gaps, lights and shades and aspect of the existence.

He is an explorer, who adapts an ancient, profound and mythical tradition to the modern era. He is a healer, who touches to hearts with his weaved patters and portraits.

Efe Elmas, Izmir / 2019

"Mert Can ", handweaving,  fishline, silk, wool, cotton, 96x69cm, 2018

completed in 500  hours




fishline, silk, wool, cotton

98x78cm, 2019

comleted in 570 hours


"Ahmed "


fishline, silk, wool, cotton,

80x110cm, 2018

completed in 520  hours

Human Life Matters

"NS. I'm your “other”. Your part, that is not yours. I know what you really are, what you really think, what you really do. Because we are one. The fear *is* reflecting from your hatred, the darkness is reflecting from your rage, the shadow is reflecting from you. There is only one difference between us. I am bigger than you because the light is gliding from you, revealed me. Let the light to make us grown, not the hatred. 
One day, when we meet in the 'essence', when we realize that we don't need something called 'the other', then we will also realize that we don't need a master.”

Desire Lilac


"Eve ", handweaving, light installation,  fishline, silk, wool, cotton, 74x93cm, 2011-2018

completed in 400  hours


"Man ", handweaving, light installation,  fishline, silk, wool, cotton, 80x97cm, 2011-2018

completed in 420  hours

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a new language in contemporary art: textile

2011 first breath (2).JPG
2011 first breath (1).JPG

"First Breath", handweaving, mapping installation, fishline, silk, wool, cotton, 100x200cm, 2011

completed in 540 hours


"Persona", weaving, silk, wool, cotton, 120x250cm, 2015

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