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February 2, 2013

"Polyanna", CHIRISTIE'S, DUBAI, el dokuması, misina, yün, pamuk, 120x70cm, 2012 ( Chiristie's Müzayedesi Katalog Kapağı )



...Turkish dancer and artist extraordinaire. What is most commendable about his work, alongside his very visible talent as a weaver, is his challenge of gender stereotypes. His works depicts a multitude of scenes, all rooted in a sense of joie de vivre, but are all communicated via the medium of tapestry weaving which is traditionally, in the Middle East, a very feminine role. Neziroglu, being a trained dancer as well as a talented weaver, sends a message out to the west about Turkey's increasingly liberal mindset amidst its very conservative neighbours.


Artlyst, London / 2013

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